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Ken Regan was born and grew up in the Bronx. Later he studied Journalism at Columbia and attended New York University’s film School. His photography career began in the sports arena where he covered the World Series, Super Bowls, the Olympics, heavyweight championship fights, Hockey, Basketball, Tennis, Horse racing, Auto racing and other professional sports for Time, Sports Illustrated, Life and Newsweek. Among athletes that Ken spent time photographing are names like Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson, Wilt Chamberlain, Hank Aaaron, Joe Namath and Mario Andretti.

News & Politics

In the 70’s, Ken founded Camera 5, his own photo agency that represented 15 photographers. Ken covered riots and demonstrations in the United States and wars in Vietnam, the Persian Gulf, and Bosnia. Photo essays about gold mining in Brazil, the Columbo family’s involvement in the Mafia, poverty in Harlem, Vietnam Veterans, and a scientist on the Amazon are among his favorite assignments. He has traveled extensively throughout Africa, photographing the famine in Ethiopia, the social conditions in South Africa, the extraordinary elegance and grace of the people, and the beauty of the endless landscapes in a continent that captured his soul.

Ken did a great deal of work in the realm of politics. He worked on assignment covering political conventions and campaigns for magazines like Newsweek and Time. He worked extensively with the Kennedy family, photographing everything from campaigns to annual family gatherings. Through the years, Ken built a strong bond with the Kennedy’s. He holds one of the largest collection of Kennedy images in the United States.


Ken toured with some of the most renowned musicians in Rock N Roll history. In 1975, Ken did back to back tours with Bob Dylan and the Rolling Stones. He covered the Band’s Last Waltz, and George Harrison’s benefit for Bangladesh amongst many other Rock N Roll festivals and events. He worked closely with renowned concert promoter Bill Graham and was the main photographer for his biggest events such as Amnesty International, Live Aid and others.

Film & Television

In the past decade, Ken has worked for the film industry shooting stills and special projects. He has worked with Jonathan Demme on Married to the Mob, Silence of the Lambs, Philadelphia, Beloved, The Truth About Charlie and The Manchurian Candidate and Heart of Gold. Clint Eastwood on The Bridges of Madison County and Space Cowboys. Alan Pakula on The Pelican Brief and The Devils Own. Norman Jewison The Hurricane, Michael Apted on Gorillas in the Mist, Jon Avnet on Up Close and Personal. Ken has also worked with Christopher Reeve on his directorial debut of In the Gloaming, Robert Redford on The Horse Whisperer, Billy Crystal on the HBO Picture *61, Mike Nichols on the film adaptation of Angels in America, Bill Condon on Kinsey. Most recently, Ken has worked on films such as Syrianna with director Steven Gagin, The Flock starring Richard Gere and Claire Danes, The Hoax directed by Lasse Hallstrom, Margaret directed by Kenneth Lonnergan and Margot at the Wedding directed by Noah Baumbach.

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